Mapping the Journey from Birth to Kindergarten: The 4 Ws of Early Intervention

Early intervention can make a huge positive impact on the lives and development of children with developmental delays and disabilities. Of course, figuring out how to determine and prioritize the best care — not to mention navigating wait lists and funding sources — can be difficult (if not sometimes downright frustrating). If you have questions about whether your child is eligible, what the evaluation process is like, or what age is the right age for a diagnosis, you’re not alone. We’ve gathered plenty of expert advice and useful information to help you through every step of this journey.


WHO do you go to for help?

A great doctor and therapist can make all the difference in the world. Read our in-depth glossaries detailing the different types of providers, physicians, and therapists you may encounter, as well as some solid advice on how to assemble an effective care team.

WHAT is early intervention?

Here you’ll find a straightforward explanation of early intervention and how it can help your family — what services are involved, how they are funded, and who qualifies for them. 


WHEN should you start?

Learn more about the timeline for early intervention, and hear from four therapists about the different types of therapies that make up the backbone of early intervention. We’ve also included some of the early milestones you can look out for in an infant’s first year.


WHY (or not) is a diagnosis beneficial?

We spoke to experts about the benefits and potential pitfalls of pursuing an early diagnosis, and why putting into place the services a child needs is ultimately the most important goal in early intervention.



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