Use this checklist to prepare for your IEP meeting. Be sure to reach out to your Navigator as you work through the list so we can support you along the way.

  Accept the IEP meeting request if the date and time work for you. Let the school know if you will be bringing a friend, specialist, or advocate with you.

  Add the following items to the binder in your child’s account, and print physical copies for the physical binder you will bring to the meeting:

  •  A picture of your child for the binder in their account, and for the cover of the physical binder
  •   Your vision statement and documentation of your child’s strengths and interests (add this to their account so it can be included in the IEP Summary that your Navigator will compose for you)
  •   A printed copy of the IEP Summary for your physical binder
  •   The most recent IEP and any addendums (if applicable)
  •   The most recent progress reports (if applicable)
  •   Any current info and progress monitoring you’ve been gathering on your own, including work samples (these can be samples from the classroom, independent therapies, physical documents, or videos)
  •   Relevant reports or assessments from therapists (including data from your child’s private team, which can help inform your child’s baselines, strengths, and needs)
  •   Relevant correspondence with your school
  •   A list of your concerns and proposed solutions; bring this list to the meeting and use it to keep track of what was agreed upon, when the team will start working on it, and who is responsible

  Get ready for the meeting (two days before):

  •   Pack your favorite pen and a pad of paper or a device for note-taking
  •   Check in with whomever you’ve asked to accompany you (perhaps they can take notes for you!)
  •   If you plan to record the meeting, write the school to ask for permission at least 24 hours beforehand

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