Mapping the Journey from 0-5: Self Care for Caregivers with MFT Diane Simon Smith (VIDEO)

We had the great pleasure of sitting down virtually for the second time with Diane Simon Smith, who has practiced marriage and family therapy for more than twenty-three years. (If you missed our Live Chat with Diane about the importance of self-care last summer, watch it here!) Kicking off our new Mapping the Journey from Birth to Kindergarten series, Diane joined us on July 1 to talk about the unique challenges of being a parent to a child under age 6 with disabilities, and the importance of caring for ourselves. 

She also spoke about going through the grieving process, telling us that it’s necessary to sit with the emotion that comes with grief. Then, when we’re ready, we should try to picture a landscape that incorporates that emotion and start building a new future, one brick at a time.

Watch the recording here for more from Diane!



And stay tuned for more from our Mapping the Journey series, which provides support and resources to families raising kids with disabilities under age 6 to help you learn the systems and build your care team. 


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