With the July 1 launch of Regional Center's Self-Determination Program (read our Self-Determination 101 article here!), we're excited to deem this season the Summer of Self-Determination! We'll be spending the next several weeks answering your burning questions about the Self-Determination Program through a series of live events with our own Independent Facilitator and Person-Centered Planner, Carla Lehmann, and biweekly emails to help you keep up with all things SD.

  Live Q&As

Be sure to watch the recording of our first Self-Determination Q&A, where Carla she walked us through the essentials of the Self-Determination program and what we can do now:

In our second live Q&A on June 18th (watch the recording here!), Carla discussed how an Independent Facilitator can support families who are applying to the program, what you can do with your Regional Center coordinator now, and how to get registered for your first Self-Determination orientation (more on this below!).


  Self-Determination Orientations

Here's a handy list of local Regional Center orientations our Research Team put together so you can easily find one that works for your family.


  Unmet Needs

One of the many benefits of the Self-Determination Program is that it addresses unmet needs. This refers to any services you couldn’t access for a variety of reasons, or needs that were not covered in your child’s Individualized Program Plan (IPP). Check out our lowdown on unmet needs here!


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If you'd like to be added to our mailing list for biweekly emails and event information, email us at selfdetermination@undivided.io, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for the rest of our Summer of Self-Determination events! 


Did you know that Undivided can help you put together a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) for your child, and act as your Independent Facilitator at no cost to you? Learn more about how Undivided can help you transition to the Self-Determination Program here


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