Help Restore Regional Center’s Social-Recreational Funding!

If you’ve ever tried to get Regional Center to fund a social or recreational program for your kid, you’ll know it’s not much easier than flying a helicopter to the moon. This lack of funds is nothing new — in fact, it dates back to 2009, when California made drastic budget cuts to RC programs that benefit and support kids and adults with developmental disabilities. One of these cuts affected Regional Center’s ability to fund camps and other social and recreational programs — and the consequences have not been small. The loss of community-based opportunities affects the social-emotional and physical well-being of many people with disabilities, most drastically in underserved communities.

Over the past decade, many of the Regional Center budget cuts have been restored, with the notable exception of social-recreational funding. The California senate and state assembly are considering refunding these programs and camps for Regional Center clients — but it has not yet been approved or passed into law. Please join us and Disability Voices United in urging Governor Gavin Newsom and the CA senate to restore the funding! The timing is critical, and could have a huge impact on the Self-Determination Program. Restoring funding will give Self-Determination participants more freedom to use their budgets for programs they want and need. And just in time for summer! 

Here’s how:

  1. Contact Governor Newsom
    • Email the governor here or call his office at 916-445-2841. 
      • Click on “Have comment”
      • Enter your name and email address
      • Choose the subject “Budget Proposal 2021–22”
      • Click “Continue”
      • Click “Pro”
      • Write your message asking the governor to restore social recreation and camp funding, and write a sentence or two about how this would benefit your family. Disability Voices United has put together this helpful one-sheet and this call script that you can use in your message.
  2. Contact Assembly and Senate Budget Committee Members

Thank you! We’d love to know if you receive a response!

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