Mother’s Day Roundup! Plus, Send Us Your Own to Win a $250 Airbnb Gift Card!

Subscribe to our newsletter!In advance of Mother’s Day (which, let’s face it, should be every day of the year), we want to honor you — our working moms, our moms who had to give work up during Covid, our moms whose full-time parenting should be the most highly paid work out there — by celebrating the big and small things we do every hour of every day: automatically, unconditionally, and often unsung.  

And while Mother’s Day wasn’t exactly invented by Hallmark, what motherhood means to most of us doesn’t exactly match up with what the holiday means. (This post by a mom of four sums it up well: “Most women don't want brunch with a crowd of strangers. They want their work as a mother, their joy as a mother, their pain as a mother, to be recognized, acknowledged, and honored in a genuine and consistent way.” Um, yeah.) So on that note, we thought we’d kick off the weekend by rounding up some of our favorite writing out there by moms raising kids with disabilities. When you can, make a cup of tea or pour a glass of something stronger and give yourself a little mom-reading-time.

  1. Ellen Seidman’s recent “Mom for the win, every single day” post on her blog, Love That Max (A Blog About Kids With Disabilities Who Kick Butt), may just be the most gratifying thing you’ll read all day.
  2. It’s difficult to express how much the late Feda Almaliti meant to so many people in the disability — and especially the autism — community. Her ability to speak the truth while also making you cry-laugh is legendary. Here’s a good example, and here’s an excerpt from a speech she gave about why we moms need each other
  3. Our friend and journalist Amy Silverman, mom to two girls, one of whom has Down syndrome, writes movingly about pretty much everything.
  4. In this essay, a disabled daughter, Alaina Leary, reflects on her disabled mom and why parents with disabilities are often overlooked (and underestimated and under-appreciated).
  5. Our friend and writer Elizabeth Aquino’s blog is nothing short of a prose-poem to loving her grown daughter, Sophie, who has refractory epilepsy.
  6. Charlie Beswick is mom to 16-year-old Harry, who has Goldenhar syndrome and autism. She shares photos of Harry and his twin brother Oliver on Instagram, and writes about their journey in more detail on her website. We first learned about Charlie when she took on Instagram after they unjustly censored a joyful photo of Harry. 
  7. Cathy Kamara has dwarfism, and is mom to two children with dwarfism. On her candid, witty Instagram, she discusses myths about parents with disabilities, relates her own experiences as a disabled child, and celebrates her beautiful family.
  8. You! Will you share your stories with us? Is motherhood what you envisioned? Are there things you only share with other moms of kids with disabilities? What moments brought you to the floor, and more importantly, made you laugh (maybe ‘til you peed your pants)? Send us some words and your submission will be entered for a chance to win a $250 Airbnb gift card — a bit of respite that every single one of you deserves. We’ll feature the winning submission in our next newsletter! E-mail your stories here by May 12th! We can’t wait to read them!

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