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This week, we’re celebrating the hard work that Cassandra and her daughter, E, put toward building stronger relationships with E's gen ed teachers by encouraging positive reinforcement and following it up with positive action! Keep up the good work, E!

A young freckled girl with blue eyes and dark strawberry blond hair looks fondly into the camera.
A young freckled girl with blue eyes and dark strawberry blonde hair looks fondly into the camera.

Tell us about your child — what’s your favorite thing about them?
My favorite thing about E is her kindness. 
Tell us about the challenge you’ve been working through on behalf of your child.
We have been working to encourage E’s mainstream teachers to work cooperatively with us on her special education goals.
What was the outcome of your advocacy for your child?
When we shared that positive feedback from teachers made a positive impact on E, they took steps to provide that feedback to her. When I saw them taking the time to encourage her, I reached out to thank them and to share how impactful their outreach was to E and to our family. This positive reinforcement has seemed to net more positive energy and attention for E.
Did you and/or your child have to stop focusing on other areas of life, work, or school in order to tackle this challenge?
While it was a big effort to figure out how important this “feedback loop” is for E, it has not taken a ton of time for me to stop and thank her teachers for their help. The “return on investment” we have gained by focusing on positive action has been amazing.
What did you learn from tackling this challenge?
Focusing on and encouraging things that are positive is much easier than chasing down and fixing things that are negative. 
What advice do you have to pass on to other parents tackling a tough challenge for their child?
Try to find people who want to help and give them support and encouragement — and share your gratitude for the things they do to help.
Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
It isn’t just teachers — it’s also custodians, cafeteria staff, office staff . . . Support comes from many places.

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