Confused About the New COVID Vaccine Guidance? VIDEO UPDATES

Are you confused by the new tiers for access to the COVID-19 vaccine? Undivided’s government benefits specialist Lisa Concoff Kronbeck joined us this afternoon to answer your questions about where and how to access the vaccine if you care for a child with disabilities. If you missed the Facebook Live video chat, watch it here

We've also made updates to our original article that clarifies who is qualified to get the vaccine under this new guidance:

The directive refers to individuals who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities specifically linked to COVID-19 complications and related fatalities. If your child has a diagnosis of autism or another intellectual/developmental disability that isn’t on the list above, according to the guidance we have received from DDS they would also need to have an underlying medical condition that puts them at increased risk of complications if they contract COVID-19. The Department of Developmental Services has been made aware that the directive is causing confusion and is working on clarification, which we will share once we get it. 

Have you already gotten your COVID-19 vaccine? Have you tried to get one? We'd love to know about your experience getting the vaccine under the new guidance.

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