An Early Gift from IHSS to Parent Providers: Simplified Timesheets!

As many of us know all too well, IHSS parent providers are currently required to enter a start and stop time for each of the 15 days on their timesheet, and also to indicate by drop-down menu whether the services took place at home or in the community. But as we also know, a parent provider’s day never really starts or stops. It just is. We’re finally getting a little bit of a nod toward that fact with new Electronic Visit Verification guidelines issued by the CA Department of Social Services (CDSS). Beginning in January 2021, parent providers and others whose recipients live with them will no longer be required to fill out the full daily timesheet for start time, stop time, and location. Live-in providers will only need to submit the number of hours worked each day. 

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If you are a live-in provider and have filled out the IHSS and WPCS Program Live-In Self-Certification Form for Federal and State Tax Wage Exclusion (SOC 2298), the system will automatically update your timesheet page so you no longer have to fill out the time and location fields in order to submit the timesheet. If you have not yet self-certified as a live-in provider, you can find the SOC 2298 form on the IHSS Electronic Services Portal (ESP), the website you use to complete and submit your timesheets. Click the “Financial” tab, then follow the menu to the Live-In Provider certification form. You can also choose to print, complete, and mail the paper form
Note: The IRS treats payments to live-in providers as non-taxable income (see IRS Notice 2014-7). The CDSS memo announcing the new EVV guidelines also includes this noteworthy paragraph: “Please Note: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has determined that IHSS/WPCS providers who submit an SOC 2298 may still be eligible for all tax benefits and programs, such as Earned Income Tax Credit, so you should work with your tax preparer to ensure you take advantage of all tax programs that benefit you.”

Lisa Concoff Kronbeck
Public Benefits Specialist 

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