VIDEO: Behavioral Intervention During Distance Learning with Dr. Sarah Pelangka

Back in October, Undivided hosted our first Free Interactive Workshops as part of our Better Together initiative. Special education advocate Dr. Sarah Pelangka joined us for one of these workshops called Behavioral Intervention During Distance Learning, where she and our participants discussed behavioral strategies to improve distance learning.

You may already be familiar with Dr. Pelangka’s work from her contributions during our virtual panel on distance learning, legal rights, collaboration, and FAPE. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the founder of Know IEPs, an organization dedicated to informing parents of their rights during the IEP process. Know IEPs also provides support to parents during related meetings by advocating for the parent and student, as well as encouraging collaboration with the district. Dr. Pelangka has a sister with an autism spectrum disorder, which informs the work she has done in special education for more than a decade.  

You can watch our free interactive workshop with Dr. Pelangka here.


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