During our Distance Learning 2.0 panel, Dr. Diana Fannon, the director of special education at Culver City Unified School District, shared how districts are handling student access to at-home aides while trying to prevent COVID transmission between students and workers.

Key takeaways:

  • Many districts are hiring 1:1 at-home aides for students through non-public agencies (NPAs) rather than sending district employees to family homes.
  • Numerous safety issues for workers, students, and their families create liability issues for districts providing at-home services.
  • Dr. Fannon explains that after the April guidance in L.A. County categorized these aides as essential workers, the rate of COVID transmissions increased and led to greater concerns about COVID being transmitted between families and aides  coming to homes.
  • Dr. Fannon underscores the importance of considering the safety of all involved parties.

Watch this short clip to learn more, and check out our full Distance Learning 2.0 panel here.


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