VIDEO: Can Parents Ask for a 1:1 Aide at Home During Distance Learning?

In our recent Distance Learning 2.0 panel, special education advocate Dr. Sarah Pelangka addressed what many families experience when asking the district to provide at-home 1:1 aides during school closures. Because of potential health risks for district aides as well as the students and their families, some districts will not provide in-home services, while others may be able to provide 1:1 support through a contract with a non-public agency (NPA). Due to this difficult situation, some parents have privately hired at-home aides.

Key takeaways:

  • If you hire an aide through a private agency, keep all receipts so that you can try to seek district reimbursement later. Because these employees have received essential worker categorization, you may be compensated if the district isn’t providing the service for you.
  • You may choose to hire a tutor rather than a behavioral interventionist (BI), but Dr. Pelangka notes that many of her clients have not been able to get reimbursed for these services. Still, hold on to your receipts for future opportunities.
  • Only one of Dr. Pelangka’s clients got the cost of a privately hired 1:1 ABA therapist covered by their insurance. The process is difficult, but not necessarily impossible.
  • Many ABA agencies limit their employees to work in only one home to reduce contact during the pandemic.

Watch this short clip to learn more, and watch our full Distance Learning 2.0 panel here! You can also learn more about how to request district reimbursements here.



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