VIDEO: Is Compensatory Education the Same as Make-Up Services?

As we begin distance learning in a new school year, many of us are seeking options to help our children work through learning losses that occurred in spring 2020. In our recent Distance Learning 2.0 panel, special education advocate Dr. Sarah Pelangka and Culver City Unified School District director of special education Dr. Diana Fannon addressed the differences between two of the services often discussed in these situations: compensatory education and make-up services.

Key takeaways:

  • Compensatory education services are awarded when a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) is not provided due to some type of mishandling on the district’s part, and parents have to argue for their claim.
  • Compensatory education services are awarded by a court to correct a very specific issue.
  • If you and your child’s IEP team can come to a shared agreement that your child would benefit from additional sessions to help them work through the curriculum or meet goals (for example, you and the IEP team agree that your child should receive ten more 30-minute sessions), these are considered make-up services and can be written into the IEP instead of taking the matter to court.

Watch this short clip to learn more, and watch our full Distance Learning 2.0 panel here!


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