VIDEO: What Kinds of Data Should Parents Collect for Distance Learning?

In our recent Distance Learning 2.0 panel, special education advocate Dr. Sarah Pelangka discussed the types of data that parents should collect and monitor in addition to their child’s academic performance. She also explained how to more conveniently collect this data while juggling so many different responsibilities.

Key takeaways: 

  • Pay attention to your child’s behaviors, even if they weren’t previously written into the IEP. Note whether new behaviors have developed, how frequently they occur, what they look like, and/or how they’ve changed. 
  • Track your child’s social-emotional well-being by noting whether your child’s interactions with family have changed, and whether they have gained or lost social skills during distance learning. 
  • If you’re implementing any additional accommodations or modifications at home, note them, and describe what has been working for your child. 
  • It’s not always easy to jot down notes or keep a tally of certain behaviors; another excellent way of collecting data is recording videos of your child while they work.

Watch this short clip to learn more and check out the full video of our panel here! Also, check out this awesome goal tracker to help you collect data! 



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