VIDEO: How Can We Provide Virtual Peer Academic Support for Our Kids?

Key takeaway: Your child can receive virtual peer academic support in a distance learning environment by scheduling 1:1 video calls with another classmate and/or including siblings or fellow students in learning exercises. 

During our Distance Learning Panel on August 12, we asked professor emerita of special education Dr. Mary Falvey how we can provide peer academic support for our children in a virtual setting. Dr. Falvey is currently supporting a student with disabilities in a distance learning environment, and she has involved the student’s older sister in his reading activities by having her read aloud to him. If your child is in daycare or has siblings, Dr. Falvey suggests seeing if a peer can join them in various learning exercises — but these opportunities exist within the virtual classroom as well. For example, Dr. Falvey said that you can ask that a classmate be appointed to read to the student on a regular basis on a 1:1 video call, which also provides chances for socialization. Watch this clip to learn more! If you missed our panel, watch the full video here, and read our takeaway with an action plan here!


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