Video: How Can We Support Our Kids Who Need Hand-Over-Hand Support with Distance Learning?

Key takeaways: Your child's teacher can train you (or a caregiver or a sibling) how to help your child with more significant support needs, such as how to use the correct hand grip. Talk to your OTs and PTs, as they can provide exercises and more individualized support. If you're not getting what you need, ask your teacher for help. 

During our Distance Learning Panel on August 12, we asked high school special education teacher Brie Malstedt how we can support our kids who need hand-over-hand or more significant support during distance learning. Brie said that while it's not one size fits all, she works individually with parents, caregivers, and siblings to train them on helping the student (she once used her daughter to model the correct hand grip over Zoom). She also recommends talking to your occupational and physical therapists--they should be part of the conversation and can provide exercises to do at home as well as more individualized support. And if you're not getting what you need, request help from your teacher. Watch this clip to learn more! If you missed our panel, watch the full video here, and read our takeaway with an action plan here!



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