VIDEO: How Do We Utilize Instructional Aides in Distance Learning?

Key takeaways: We can be a lot more thoughtful with aides and individualization than we were in the spring. Aides should attend the lesson and then make followup calls afterward to ensure that the student understands and has what they need to move forward; they should also help with visual schedules, modifications, and preparing for upcoming lessons, just as they would in the classroom.

During our Distance Learning Panel on August 12, we asked special education professor and inclusion facilitator Dr. Mary Falvey about how we can better utilize para-educators and instructional aides during distance learning. Dr. Falvey said that the aide should attend the lesson but also have an individual call with the student after the lesson to check in and make sure the student understands the lesson and has what they need to complete assignments. Aides should also be helping with creating visual schedules and supports, making modifications to lessons and lesson plans, and helping the child prepare for the lesson. Watch this clip to learn more! If you missed our panel, watch the full video here, and read our takeaway with an action plan here!


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