VIDEO: How Can We Monitor Progress with Distance Learning?

Key takeaways: Make sure that kids are being evaluated not just on their IEP goals and objectives but also on grade-level core curriculum. Be sure to document everything; what works and what doesn't, so teachers can make adjustments based on this information. We should constantly be evaluating and allowing our kids to move forward. 

During our Distance Learning Panel on August 12, we asked special education professor and inclusion facilitator Dr. Mary Falvey about how progress monitoring will work with distance learning. Dr. Falvey said that we need to make sure our kids are being assessed on grade-level core curriculum as well as their IEP goals and objectives, and that educators should be pulling out those standards. She recommends documenting what works and what doesn't and then communicating your findings to your teacher so they can be more agile in making adjustments. Watch this clip to learn more! If you missed our panel, watch the full video here, and read our takeaway with an action plan here!



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