VIDEO: How Can We Keep Our Kids Motivated and Engaged with Distance Learning?

Key takeaways: Try to remain positive and upbeat when helping your child, and lean on your service providers and support team. Reward systems and using a token economy works really well; find out what works for your kid and what their currency is, and build on that in small increments. 

During our Distance Learning Panel on August 12, we asked special education teacher Brie Mahlstedt about how to keep our kids engaged, motivated, and with their spirits up. She acknowledged that while it can be hard to keep their spirits up, we should try to make sure they don’t see our frustration, and instead try to be upbeat and positive (and call your support system later to vent!). She also suggested using a reward system or a token economy, where you find out what motivates your kid and build on it in small increments. Watch this clip to learn more! If you missed our panel, watch the full video here, and read our takeaway with an action plan here!



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