VIDEO: Should the District Be Providing Materials and Equipment for Our Kids to Use at Home?

Key takeaway: Districts should still be providing accommodations and resources for students to access distance learning from home.

Distance learning has left many of us wondering what supports we can expect from our children’s schools and what we have to provide on our own, from AAC devices to visual schedules and graphic organizers. In our Distance Learning Panel on August 12th, we spoke to high school special education teacher Brie Mahlstedt about the various accommodations and modifications our children received from their districts before the pandemic, and she confirmed that our kids should still have as much access as possible to every support that helps them achieve their education goals. Watch this clip to learn more about why these services will still be provided, and how you can make sure to get what you need from your child’s teacher. If you missed our panel, watch the full video here, and read our takeaway with an action plan here!



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