VIDEO: Undivided: Unite and Conquer with Parent Michelle Malewitz and Navigator Kelly Hatfield

Undivided: Unite and Conquer brings parents together with professionals to talk through issues and problem-solve. On Thursday, October 28, parent Michelle Malewitz and her Undivided Navigator, Kelly Hatfield, walked us through how they became an unstoppable IEP prep machine, how they stay organized, and how Kelly helped Michelle get the right accommodations for her child. 

Check out the clips below for highlights or watch the full recording here!


Clip: Before and After Undivided


Clip: "It's Hard, Get Help."


Clip: Assessment Breakdown


Need more IEP support? Undivided can help you understand the services your child may be entitled to, learn how to advocate while fostering collaboration, and get expert tips so you can enter your IEP meeting feeling prepared and confident.

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