Last week, we had an enlightening conversation with Dr. Sarah Pelangka, special education advocate and owner of KnowIEPs. Dr. Pelangka walked us through how to prepare for annual and triennial IEPs, and gave us great advice for staying organized so we can feel confident going into the meeting. (Be sure to join our Facebook Group so you won't miss out on our weekly live events!)

To help you prepare, we’ve rounded up several of our articles with tried-and-true IEP tips below.

Know What to Expect Going into Your IEP Meeting

  • IEP Meeting Tips: This article covers some common IEP concerns, such as how to go about recording the meeting and how to feel more confident advocating for your child.
  • Parental Concerns Letter: Sending a letter of concerns to your IEP team before the meeting can help you articulate your child’s needs and make sure they get addressed during the meeting.
  • Dr. Pelangka tells us it’s helpful to organize your notes according to the flow of the meeting and the order in which the IEP document is laid out. (We’re working on creating a handy template you can use for this; we’ll share when it’s ready!)

Prepare Your Essential Documents

  • IEP Meeting Checklist: Don’t go into your IEP meeting without checking off this list of documents to bring with you!
  • Our articles on The Paper Chase and Common Binder Documents go into more detail about the essential documents to keep on hand.
  • Vision Statement: When it comes to setting meaningful goals for your child, creating a vision statement can guide everyone on your IEP team.

Keep Goals in Mind

  • All of the goals and services your child receives are supported by data, which is why it is so critical that parents understand their right to view and understand this data.
    • Progress Reporting for IEPs: This article goes into detail about the types of data that should be collected and monitored. 
    • Our Yearly Progress Chart template is a great resource for organizing goals at a glance so you can compare them to previous years.


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