VIDEO: Undivided Live with Sandra McElwee: Benefits and Considerations of Self-Determination

Unsure about what the Self-Determination Program (SDP) entails and whether it’s right for your family? On Thursday, October 7, Sandra McElwee, Independent Facilitator and owner of Empower Person-Centered Planning, talked with us about all things Self-Determination. She broke down how the budget is decided, what ABA services and Medi-Cal look like in SDP, and actions you can take to succeed in the program. Watch these clips for highlights or view the entire recording here.


Clip: How the budget is decided


Clip: ABA services and Medi-Cal


Clip: Always e-mail, never talk


Did you know that Undivided can help you put together a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) for your child, and act as your Independent Facilitator at no cost to you? Learn more about how Undivided can help you transition to the Self-Determination Program here.

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